Brookwood Eyecare

3370 Sugarloaf Pkwy B3

Lawrenceville, GA 30044 US

(770) 736-7774

About us

Vision Statement:

To see our company become one of the best eye care providers in the world, utilizing the latest technology & products to deliver the highest standard of eye care service and creating an environment where our associates have a sense of fulfillment.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to search for and engage the finest quality Eyecare professionals and to combine their expertise with the latest technology to create innovative processes that deliver the latest Eyecare products in a professional setting.

Core Values:

« Faith: We have faith in our company and staff to deliver the best services and products
« Integrity: We strive to serve our clients with utmost integrity
« Advancement: We will seek the advancement of our profession and vision.
« Professionalism: Our goal is to act in the highest level of professionalism.
« Innovation: We seek innovative ways to deliver our products and services 
« Education: We will invest our resources in educating our clients on Eyecare 
« Creativity: We will continually brainstorm to seek creative ways of pursuing our vision
« Flexibility: We will remain flexible in seeking avenues to satisfy our clientele.
« Client Appreciation: We strive to show appreciation to clients by aiming to exceed their expectations.

Basic Information: 

Name: Brookwood Eyecare
Year Established: 1995
Changed name to Brookwood Eyecare in: 2004

Brookwood Eye Care has been serving the Gwinnett County community for over 18 years since 1995. Our exceptional services have kept many of our clients coming back year after year. Our warm friendly and personalized approach to eye care is the hallmark of services to our clients and our community. Plus our expert approach in fitting Progressive lenses has made our success rate 99%.
Our friendly and courteous associates and staff live in the community and understand the needs of our clients.

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