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Scleral Contact Lenses

When contact lenses first became available, they brought a paradigm change for those needing corrective vision help. Contact lenses today enable people to get rid of eyeglasses and the constant need to carry multiple pairs or adjust, replace, or find their eyeglasses every day. At the same time, contacts provide the same vision benefits, stay on the eyes themselves versus the nose bridge, and keep the patient's hands free even during physical activities.

That was a huge life improvement over wearing eyeglasses for decades prior. However, not everyone was able to enjoy contacts, especially those with irregular eye shapes or conditions that made it difficult to wear contacts for long. At Brookwood Eyecare in Lawrenceville, we provide a variety of contact lenses for our clients, including scleral lenses. 

Scleral Contact Lenses

Problems with General Contacts

Whether hard, permanent contacts, or disposable contacts that came later, regular contacts are simply not suitable for everyone. Those suffering from dry eye, for example, experience their condition amplified with contacts that decrease moisture access to the eye. At the same time, regular contacts didn't fit people with astigmatism or myopia well, essentially leaving these patients with eyeglasses.

Scleral Contacts and their Big Difference

The biggest optometry difference between scleral contacts and general eye contacts involves their size. Scleral contacts are simply bigger. The larger diameter, coupled with a gas-permeable surface, makes these contacts particularly useful for patients with eye shapes other than the typical standard eye form. No surprise, scleral contacts have become very popular for those with severe dry eye, astigmatism, myopia, cornea issues, and other related issues. The fact that scleral lenses cover the entire cornea and sit on the white area of the eye versus the colored part provides significant benefits for a comfortable fit.

What to Keep in Mind

Obviously, eye measurements by an eye doctor shape the scleral lens, which is why the optometrist's measurements matter so much in the initial exam for new contacts. A full metric optometric evaluation of the patient's eye is what allows the prescription scleral lenses to work so well. Once fit by an eye doctor, the lens will provide both a comfortable experience and vision correction.

Schedule A Scleral Lens Fitting in Lawrenceville, GA

For those looking to try scleral lenses to get away from eyeglasses and try contacts altogether but needing a specialized approach, Brookwood Eyecare is available. Our optometrist can provide a detailed eye measurement exam and then fitting for prescription scleral contacts. We also provide follow-up exams to ensure everything is working correctly. You don't need to keep settling for eyeglasses. There is an eye contacts solution for you in Lawrenceville at our office. Call our team today at (770) 736-7774 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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